My First Stitch Fix Review

If you haven't jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon yet, you really must check it out, because when this little box arrives at your door, it's like Christmas.

stitchfix box

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that is perfect for so many of us - whether you love fashion, style, and clothing or hate even thinking about shopping and putting outfits together - either way, you will love this. I was tempted to try it out after seeing bloggers like the Nester and Emily mention it, and then I read oodles of the customer reviews on the StitchFix website.

I love clothes but find myself buying the same types of things over and over again and struggling to find cute, current styles that aren't too young or too old and frumpy. Enter StitchFix, where you fill out a survey on their website so that your stylist will be able to make smart choices for you, taking into consideration your style preferences, body type, budget, and lifestyle. I really spent some time making sure I was giving clear preferences in my survey. You pay a $20 styling fee and are sent five pieces - in my case, I received four clothing items and a piece of jewelry. If you keep anything, the $20 is applied towards those items - and if you keep all five items, you get 25% off the whole thing, which makes that a pretty tempting deal each time (well-played, StichFix)! If you choose to send items back, there's a prepaid bag right in your box to drop them in - it couldn't be easier!

I had to laugh when I read this review and she mentioned how ridiculous her husband thought it was to have to take her picture wearing the items for her blog. I must admit my husband's reaction was quite the same - glad he's a good sport.

In my first Fix, I got two tops, a dress, a pair of black pants, and earrings.

I loved the two tops - both of them probably not items I would have chosen in the store but I ended up seeing lots of ways to wear them, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for StitchFix. I was also helped by the styling card that comes with the fix, complete with photos and suggestions on how to pair and style your items - love it! These are the tops below - the lavender one (by 41Hawthorn)  is in a soft, drapey material and I like that it's longer - perfect with skinny jeans. The chevron top by Olive & Oak is also sleeveless, and I paired it with a cardigan and the same dark skinny jeans:

The black pants (by Katherine Barclay) I received are in a very flattering, slightly heavy stretch fabric. At first when I saw the wide-ish legs and higher waist, I thought they'd go back, but when I put them on I loved them. I can see that the stylist took into consideration my more challenging areas (ahem) and found items that would play those down. These pants will be good dressed up or down. They're a little long, but that makes them look really good with heels, and the heavier fabric means these will be an unlikely choice until our interminable Tucson summer is over, but I think I will get a lot of use out of these next fall and winter. 

The dress (also by 41Hawthorn) is perfect for me - the soft, flowy fabric is comfortable and the color is fun, and I've already worn it dressed up with a belt, jewelry, and heels and casually with flat sandals.

I love the dangly gold earrings - they've become one of my favorite go-to pieces of jewelry.

Well done, StitchFix - I kept the whole box. And since I'm writing this a little late in the game, I already received box #2 - stay tuned for that review soon.

If you want to try it out, I would love if you'd use my referral link here - that will give me some credit for sending you their way, and when you sign up, you'll receive your own referral link to share with friends and family. Win-win!

If you want more StitchFix inspiration, follow Allison on Instagram - she is a pro at great combinations with her StitchFix finds, and check out the Stitch Fix Reviews linkup at A Whimsicle Life!