painted boy's room furniture

This is old news around here, but I never posted about Luke's furniture makeover. His bedroom set consists of a mismatched collection including dressers that were my dad's when he was a kid, bunk beds from my sister's college apartment, and a bookshelf that Chad's grandfather built. For sentimentality, and because I love it, the bookshelf wouldn't be touched. I felt that the rest of it, however, could be painted to be more cohesive. I decided to swallow my fear of color ("it's only paint, it's only paint, it's only paint) and go for it. Using this basic idea from Pottery Barn Kids as my inspiration:ย navy blue bed

I enlisted Chad's help. We took the room completely apart, carried the furniture outside, and started sanding. The furniture had a blond finish (veneer, not solid wood), so we just need to rough up the shiny surface, and we painted everything navy blue with a semigloss finish. I like the way it goes with the muted green on the walls.


The catch is that now that it's been this way for a while, the comforters are faded, the walls are dinged and marked, and it's time for a spruce-up. Stay tuned as I decide what to do next. I hate to say goodbye to the green, but it's been years since Luke's had a new theme or palette, so I'm trying to decide whether to do something different or keep the navy and incorporate some new colors and patterns.