scrap wood side table

IMG_4743 I've been thinking about a side table for my dining room for a while now. I had my eye on some beautiful buffets that match my dining room table, but new furniture is not in the budget. Part of the problem, too, is that the space is narrow and I realized that most furniture pieces would be too bulky there (I had considered a dresser as one option, but it was too wide). So on a whim, when my husband had all of his tools out for another project, I pitched the idea to him. I knew he had a bunch of lumber odds and ends laying around — including some shelving boards from our closet and some trim pieces. He works for a homebuilder, and you'd be amazed at what those framing guys will throw in the dumpster! I have been known to force my husband to dumpster dive all in the name of a cheap home improvement project.

My kind, kind husband was, within minutes, cutting down boards and assembling a new side table for me out of scraps. It's nothing fancy, but it's the perfect size for this spot, and it cost us nothing! Thank goodness I still have cream paint left from the desk and china cabinet.


Now I'm dying to get a big drum shade light fixture like this one here to replace the pendant over the table. I've had my eye on it since Sherry and John featured it on one of their mood boards, and I've actually been peddling some stuff on Craigslist to help justify the purchase.

And...I need some help! See that big gaping nothingness on the bottom shelf of the table?


What do I put there? I had some tall, narrow baskets in mind to add some texture, but where might I find such baskets? I took a quick peek at Michael's this week and didn't see anything quite right. Any thoughts?

By the way...I snagged the cute cream pots and vase from Michael's clearance for less than $3 each, if anyone loves a good deal on some neutral accessories like I do!

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